Highest system productivity

February, 2011
proto$ gen VII mod 4115AF (Ultima)
More than 4000 concurrent active users and 17 million lines of active documents a day in real life. More than 18,000 users and ~100m lines of documents a day during independent development testing that emulated real load. dia$par is the world’s No.1 performers in terms of productivity.

UPD November 5, 2013. The fact that dia$par works perfectly with 18 000 users simultaneously logged in is experimentally confirmed.


In 2007 the Ultra Electronics" could easily handle over 1500 ACTIVE users simultaneously. The employees were located in different cities and even countries, working in the united information environment.

All the functions were always accessible:

  • the warehouse worked smoothly, using PDA’s for automation;
  • corporate buyers refilled stock and expanded the range of products, working with versatile analytics and the supplier market;
  • the website accepted orders 24/7 and integrated them into the flow;
  • the Accounting Department was in operation, receiving data from dia$par for their fiscal software to produce reports;
  • automated competitive analysis was up and running;
  • deliveries were scheduled, hundreds of trucks were loaded and unloaded;
  • cashiers were accepting cash (the corporate bank account accepted money automatically).

In June, 2013, the number of simultaneous users dia$par in Ulmart exceeded 4000. [* TEST-4 *]

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