What is dia$par

Single operating system for the entire company, centrally managing all enterprise business processes in real time

dia$par is a universal tool to control any arbitrary social organization efficiently.

dia$par can be effectively used for managing enterprises in any industry, of any size and complexity of operations.

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Technical leadership

Instead of all other enterprise systems. Altogether

dia$par — single business operating system that replaces:

ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relation management), MES (manufacturing execution system), WMS (warehouse management system), CEP (complex event processing), PAS (process automation system), OI (operational intelligence), BAM (business activity monitoring), PLM (product lifecycle management), EAM (enterprise asset management), CRP (capacity requirements planning), PDM (product data management), MRP (material requirements planning), SCM (supply chain management), MPS (master planning schedule), ECM (enterprise content management), HRM (human resource management), BPA (business process automation), APS (advanced planning & scheduling), EDMS (electronic document management), FRP (finance requirements planning), BPM (business process management), etc, ...-systems simultaneously altogether including the future ones...

... and performs their functions at a qualitatively new level.

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Managing by Wire: the first practical implementation by mutual mapping technology

Managing by Wire (by analogy with fly-by-wire and drive by wire) is a concept that forces switching from the conventional way of managing enterprises to the intellectual autopilot.

The idea born within IBM Institute for Strategic Studies had to wait for over a quarter of a century to be embodied.

Mutual mapping technology is the world's first fully operational implementation of Managing by Wire concept.

It is mutual mapping that is, on the one hand, the foundation of the outstanding technological superiority of dia$par and a prerequisite for a dramatic growth in management efficiency of the enterprises that implemented the technology on the other.

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Instantaneous manageability for a business of any size

Inside dia$par, your business can react to market changes tens times faster.

Stakeholders of profit-oriented companies in highly competitive markets and rapidly changing industries are the ones who would benefit the most from switching to dia$par.

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Digital Twin Enterprise Digitalizer

dia$par is the world's first universal Digital Twin replicator that creates a digital twin of an arbitrary social organization.

While mutual mapping technology, consolidating and advancing the concept of Digital Twins, has progressed much further.

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dia$par Swarm Intelligence → Unmanned Enterprises

$i of dia$par is an emerging phenomenon arising from the complex interactions of many intellectually limited beings in the meta-system.

The continuous process of business processes standardization eventually results in a completely Unmanned Enterprise at the operational level.

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Robotic Process Automation Universal Executor

The revolutionary dia$par composition, among other advantages, leads to outstanding efficiency in the implementation of RPA — in comparison with any monofunctional RPA-solutions.

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Zipchain — ray of pairwise transactions

Unlike all other well-known solutions which offer a compromise between productivity and reliability, zipchain simultaneously offers:

  • data reliability as high as Blockchain
  • unlimited productivity in the processing of high-level business transactions

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The culmination of the 4th and foundation, base and air of the 5th industrial revolution

dia$par is the cybernetic backbone and the spinal cord of an enterprise, connecting, organising and managing independent technologies (self-driving cars, the Internet of Things, industrial and warehouse robots, neural nets, Big Data, block-chain, smart contracts, etc…) in real time.

Implementation 10 and more times faster, fees minimum 10 times lower

...in comparison with any single-purpose ABC-enterprise system in the market which provides only a small portion of dia$par’s full functionality.

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Outstanding operational reliability and resistance to attacks

Is the result of the synergistic additions of a variety of unique features of dia$par at different levels, as well as the exceptional complexity and heterogeneity of the internal structure of the meta-system.

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In real live operation by all kinds of business

Manufacturing, commerce, service and various combinations thereof.

Practical experience in operating dia$par in all kinds of business has proved both its outstanding operational benefits and universal applicability.

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IEM Enterprise: Profitability Extremum

IEM System is a technological platform for the evolution of the business to meet the cybernetic ideal of IEM Enterprise, obtaining maximum possible profit under prevailing market conditions.

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