Millions of online orders without human assistance

March, 2011
proto$ gen VI mod 3FFECA (Londinium)
The Ulmart Internet store based on dia$par automatically processes online orders from customers who numbered more than five million in 2013.

In 2009 Ulmart successfully handled over one million customer orders, placed on the website by visitors; in 2012 — 4 million; in 2013 — over 5 million orders. None of them required participation of the company’s staff, the more so since there is no such staff in Ulmart. Really, why give the company owners" money to parasites?

dia$par works perfectly not only with legions of retail customers; the same format of online collaboration is also used for corporate clients and even for wholesale buyers, which is an additional security measure against any acts of corruption between sales personnel and customers.
Moreover, a sales person is no longer a single possessor of valuable relations with a customer, which alleviates risks of losing a part of customers when dismissing a negligent employee.

Every completed and paid order automatically launches a wave of sucessive actions aimed at its prompt execution. At every step there’s a validity check, which eliminates theft and data fraud. The idea of data fraud protection runs through all of dia$par. Checks to ensure correct reflection of business transactions in the balance sheet are built into the core.

When it comes to processing a significant amount of transactions, it is the well-functioning logistics that takes center stage. Meeting delivery terms, completeness of orders, delivery speed (whether a customer is waiting at the pickup or is in another city) — only in such a way you can develop a customer’s commitment to the supplier.

Logistics, functioning in a "zero defects" paradigm, forms an image of a reliable company that every commercial entity yearns for. And the primitive level of logistics processes engineering that most Russian companies have for the present allows the leader in technology to so far ahead that the market share growth happens on its own in the background mode. You don’t bring a knife to a gunfight — especially, if guns are implemented in the form of a nuclear bomb and the knives are being used by savages with clubs.

We don’t know, where your company is going to find its million customers, but when you do find them — we know how to handle them.

A billion will do, too.

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