IT zoo in the production company. End of the nightmare

October, 2015
proto$ gen VIII mod 4E9329
dia$par encompasses all the company’s business processes, includes all your employees, and incorporates all functionality. All the useless and non-working trash from the IT-zoo like CRM, WMS, Excel, Managed Entities and other "solutions" and "modules" — goes onto the scrap heap of history.

Before the introduction of Industrial Rosshokolad the company used several software solutions for record-keeping (it would be too generous to call it automation):

  • They used the Terrasoft CRM to keep a database of customers, and orders were typed into it too, and then
  • the orders were next transferred to 1C:Accounting,
  • bills were issued using 1C:Accounting and payment made through it as well; and
  • payments to suppliers were done via an EXCEL spreadsheet (top secret, 80th level wizards only), and
  • another Excel file served to keep track of warehouse stock (raw materials and ready products), but
  • incomplete products and materials were kept in a you-know-what number three. By the way,
  • 1C:Accounting had a big family: every regional branch — in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod — kept their finance records in a separate "system," and
  • in the end of a business cycle shipping info would be returned to the Terrasoft CRM that started it all; actually they did it whenever they felt like it, and the same
  • info was copied to 1C:Accounting for cash control, with every kind of inexactitude that can be expected.

This glorious multiplicity of software was too much fun to describe. Just one example: only to calculate the net balance of exchanges between the head office and a branch, one hand to:

  • Analyze shipping information according to Terrasoft, then
  • compare them to the information in 1C, look for missing data, enter it by hook or by crook, then
  • analyze and compare received payments in both systems, finally
  • tally up the branch’s total from a huge Excel sheet with by-office expense information, but
  • in a few especially glaring deviations numbers would have to be further checked; otherwise you had to take the branch director’s word that his figure is correct.

How did the company calculate total financial results?
It didn’t.
?The balance is positive, no deficit, expenses can be covered — very good, it means we are making a profit.

So what changed after migrating to dia$par?
As you can guess, any information is now accessible online by hitting a couple of buttons.

The IT zoo and the Excel monsters have been made obsolete.
??Now on Rosshokolad has single vendor software from Humanless.

They also instantly began to receive 1.5 times more cash from the branches than before. That alone let the company recoup the expense for dia$par in under 5 months.

Being inside dia$par. Some stories
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