Robotic call centre

March, 2016
proto$ gen VI mod 3FFECA (Londinium)
A good deal of all calls in Just.ru is made by robot. Fully automatically.

In the meantime, Just.ru raised call centre operation to a new level.

Actually it was as usual a life-driven decision.

Life showed that for some orders made by customers online and containing transit goods, it is problematic to state the exact shipment date – due to possible external screw-up factors.
For example, if the supplier fails to bring the goods on time ("our vehicle broke down", "couldn’t find at our warehouse" and excuses like these)

So they had to introduce callback confirmation for such risky orders: when the order was
finally assembled, an operator would return a call to the customer and say that the latter could now come and collect it.
Or would make sure that the customer was ready to accept delivery at the agreed time.

This is a thankless job — stupid monkey business.
And a profitless one.
The low quality of execution (by homines sapientes) is a natural consequence of this.

They decided to offload it onto the shoulders of dia$par – never saying "no", error-free and exemplarily anti-human.
For its shoulders" power is virtually unlimited.

A special robot examines each new order.
If the confirmation callback conditions are met, the robot dials the customer’s number (according to its time settings).

Choose order subtype for an automatic return callSpecific order selection filters in subtypeSpecific order selection filters in subtype

After the call setup is a success, the robot pronounces its synthesized text.
The script is set up in the interface.
Parametric service words can be used; instead of these, dia$par will insert the order’s characteristics, e.g. {Amount} will be replaced by the order’s Total amount.
The number of call attempts and the time periods between them are as well set up.

Voice message settings template

On listening to the message, the customer can contact an operator (via a voice menu) to clear up any questions that may arise.

As the operator is contacted, an online file automatically pops up on the latter’s screen, containing general information about the client —  his current order in particular, and his contact history:

Plus suggested follow-up to the order.

On the one hand, nothing supernatural.
On the other hand, a robust solution to a relatively narrow task has produced an exceptionally powerful and flexible tool whose range of possible uses is limited by the operator’s creativity only.

Being inside dia$par. Some stories
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