Automated insurance cross-selling in the online store

October, 2016
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From the seller's side no staff is involved. There are no operating expenses as well as no chances to screw things up.

Insuring the goods for sale is retailers" another method to take away customers" money more or less honestly, and thus raise their meagre margin.

123.ru is no exception.

They decided to sell Insurance from Alfa.

The price is calculated automatically.

When booking an order, the customer may add insurance to each item in the cart:

As the order is booked on the 123.ru website, dia$par contacts the Alfa Insurance server and generates policies for the selected items.

In the sales manager’s interface, the insured goods are in a separate tab (the Reserve document).

After the customer pays for the order (using any payment method), dia$par contacts the insurer’s server again to confirm the previously created policies and complete their execution.
After receiving confirmation from the insurer’s server, dia$par sends the customer a link for downloading the prepared documents.

Should the customer renounce either the goods item or insurance before paying, the insurance policy generated will be cancelled automatically.

Important: on the seller’s side all happens without human interference.
The operational expenses are zero — like the chances of doing something wrong.


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