Business Control Center

Business Control Center
January, 2019
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Business pilot bridge for owners and top management.

All the information about the state of the enterprise in real time — on your iPhone.

Usually neither the owners nor the top managers know how much a business spends and earns in reality.

At most, once a month owner receives a result of herculean task of a manual sift through Excel summary tables (with the inevitable errors) — a weakly correlated to the real situation in a company at the moment. Needless to say no chance for a real time change dynamics is impossible so far.

As long as there is money in the company, such an approach is quite right to life (if you don’t think that a business can earn a lot more).

Well, if ... yet to think?


We had a think already though.

And we made the dia$par Pilot Bridge: Managing by Wire business management center, which is also a control panel for online monitoring of important indicators.

The information is presented in five main blocks.

1. Money

The number, dynamics and structure of cash flows.

Остатки денежных средствFig. 1.1. Cash balances

Отчет по движению денежных средствFig. 1.2. Cash Flow Report

Обороты денежных средств по контрагентуFig. 1.3. Cash turnover on counterparties


2. Accounts Receivable / Payable

How effectively does your company manage debts?

What is the situation with debts "right now" — digging into the types of counterparties and presence of any problems, and debt behaviour.

Various details drop down is available down to the single contract.

Структура дебиторской задолженностиFig. 2.1. Debt structure

Динамика дебиторской задолженностиFig. 2.2. Dynamics of receivables

Просроченная дебиторской задолженностиFig. 2.3. Overdue receivables

Дебиторской задолженность по срокамFig. 2.4. Receivables with maturities

Взаиморасчеты по контрактуFig. 2.5 Contract Settlements


3. Profit

Gross, operating, net profit analysis.

Revenue and costs analysis.

Everything is dynamic, and — diggable down to the individual product / service.

Выручка и прибыльFig. 3.1. Revenue and profit

ПродажиFig. 3.2. Sales

ЗатратыFig. 3.3. Expenses

Чистая прибыльFig. 3.4. Net profit


4. Financial cycle

The financial cycle is measured in days — how many days pass from the moment of payment to the supplier until the money proceeds from buyers. Or, simply, for how long money is frozen in assets.

It can be negative, when suppliers grace periods is large, warehouse turnover is high, and customers grace period is small or absent at all (retail).

Typical components of the financial cycle: what is the average suppliers grace period, how long do products are shipped from the supplier to the warehouse on average, for how many days the goods are sold off the warehouse and what is the average grace periods for customers.

Financial cycle and each of its components are shown over time.

You can analyze in detail the behavior of each component — up to the supplier, product or customer — and identify the factors that drive the turnover of money down.

For each component, acceptable ranges are set up, and (by default) only deviations are shown — problem areas.

Динамика финансового циклаFig. 4.1. Dynamics of the financial cycle

Средние сроки поставки от поставщиковFig. 4.2. Average delivery times from suppliers

Средние сроки оплаты покупателейFig. 4.3. Average payment terms for customers


5. Balance

Also is shown in real time — highlighting problem points.

БалансFig. 5.1. Balance

You are sitting at the airport, drinking coffee, there is still time before the plane.

"Whats up with the company? .."

It is no longer necessary to call the subordinates on the list with the monotonous "Well, whatsup there" — receiving at least the same type and meaningless answers in the mould of "In general, it’s normal, we solve difficulties, we work".

Several taps on the screen of the iPhone — and information about the state of the business — accurate, complete, up to date — before your eyes.

Spot a potential problem?

Another tap, and the task-alert is automatically sent to the responsible.

And you don't need to know who exactly.
dia$par knows.

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