Production inventory management. Scrape the corners for a few million

October, 2015
proto$ gen VIII mod 4CA314 (Ultima)
Lean production in dia$par returns millions, previously frozen in unfinished goods, into your working assets.

For final product packaging the Rosshokolad? company uses paper materials, known as "wrappers", customized for each client.
These can be either printed either in their own printing office or ordered somewhere else.

Anyway, the number of printed copies is well on the safe side with respect to the number of units produced — moisture loss, wantage, breakage, tears, etc.
Rolls of unused wrappers are moved to the warehouse.
‘Cause it’s just wrong to throw them away, they’re so beautiful, you know.

Of course, printing one wrapper costs dime a dozen, especially with high numbers of printed copies.
However, the rolls of beautiful paper had piled up over time and this sad collection was already worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
And — you can’t just stretch the warehouse.

As part of pre-implementation business process reengineering?, this bottleneck, among others, was pinpointed and analyzed.

The analysis results showed that the larger part of the huge stock of wrappers was generated by repeated orders from regular customers (i.e. with the same design).
That means they can be used in the future — in case a sound accounting system is set up.

Characteristically, the new accounting system was finally up and running.
The business process of making orders was altered and got an option of choosing the wrapper design from the list of this customer’s previous orders.

Creating new

When the order is sent to the order processing department dia$par knows the quantity of the  wrappers in stock  and automatically reduces the number of them in the order. With allowance for moisture loss/wantage, of course.

Simple enough?
Sure. But it doesn’t make millions of rubles recovered this way less desired.
As godlike and extremely down-to-earth Vespasianus used to say, "money has no smell".

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