Integration with eBay & AliExpress

March, 2016
proto$ gen VI mod 3FFECA (Londinium)
123.ru, Partsdirect.ru
Duplicating your online stores on AliExpress and Ebay. Export of the full sales catalogue including photos and descriptions with inventory level and import of orders. Both are done in the background with no people involved.

Still, fashion is fashion ("vanitas vanitatum", as Old Ecclesiast put it), so many Comrades take an active interest in working with the "sales floors".

In the context of dia$par, the issue boils down to the task of correct integration with the floors" software — uploading the goods mix, descriptions, inventory, downloading goods items, etc.

  1. Integration with eBay As Exemplified by ?123.ru.

    Made using the API provided by eBay for sellers of goods/services.
    The whole thing works automatically in the background.
    Orders downloaded from eBay appear in dia$par as delivery orders and are then processed in the same way as all deliveries.

    The goods mix, descriptions with photos, and inventory are promptly synchronized with dia$par without any [usually cack-handed] human interference.

  2. Integration with AliExpress As Exemplified by? PartsDirect.ru

    Technically, very similar.
    Practically, as Chinese businessmen are all smart and intelligent, AliExpress requires the seller to have a Chinese address.

    A Goods Page.
    119441 is the goods item’s code in dia$par, printed on its sticker in big type for ease of visual identification at the warehouse.

    The Form for Editing the Same Good Item’s Properties in the Interface of the Desktop Client:


Fashion is profitless.
But our customer’s wish is the law for us.

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